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March 31, 2004



I was put on Effexor for Mild Depression. I experienced sleepiness, dizziness and vertigo. I also just did not feel "right" the entire time I was on it. I did some research and found this site. SCARY!! I stopped taking it immediately. So I was on the medication only 5 days, but I still had one or two days of withdrawl. After only 5 days on Effexor I had tinnitis (ringing of the ears) and nausea. This medication is BAD NEWS!


TO ANYONE TAKING EFFEXOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OFF IT RIGHT NOW, It is a filthy drug............as I write I am experiencing "ELECTRIC SHOCK FEELINGS: within my whole body, from my face, shoulders and body......This has been going on for three days despite my last dose of EFFEXOR 35mgs five days ago.


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